2019-11-24 15:00:43


More than 900 performers, aged 7 to 60-plus, perform 1,700 hours of rehearsals to perfect epic theatrical experience at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Sports City on 2 December


Limited tickets for ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ available at or by calling 800 86 823

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 24 November 2019: A monumental human effort with active participation from across the globe, will be on display at the Official 48th UAE National Day Celebration, titled ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ at Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi, on 2 December, underlining UAE’s position as a global leader in tolerance, co-existence and unity.

More than 5,000 people from70  different countries have collaborated on the production theatrical masterpiece ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ which will take the audience on a memorable journey of the UAE’s heritage through stories showcasing the country’s values long-embedded in its unique culture and that remain the cornerstone of the proud nation today.

‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ will be brought to life on stage by more 900 performers, hailing from 40 countries worldwide, ranging in age from seven years old to over 60. The performers are currently working their way through 1,700 hours of rehearsals.

Going beyond global boundaries, the stirring narrative will be brought to life under the special effects of the moon, with the production utilising more than 700 different types of moons with the smallest being just 18 centimetres and the largest 18 metres high. ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ will also employ cutting-edge technical equipment to further heighten the grandeur of the experience.

Some 17 lasers will be deployed in one scene, the largest number of lasers ever used on a single stage, to create a spectacular piece of animation. The original soundtrack, composed by 8 internationally renowned composers in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, will serve up an auditory treat for spectators. Additionally, a total of 1,800 props will be used throughout the show as performers bring the story of the UAE to life.

“The epic scale of this production has been brought to life by the efforts of so many dedicated individuals coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, a true reflection of unity and tolerance, two core values at the heart of the UAE,” said Saeed Al Suwaidi, Representative of the Organizing Committee of the Official 48th UAE National Day Celebration.

“Through this collective dedication, ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ will offer spectators a theatrical experience the likes of which have never been experienced before in the UAE,” added Al Suwaidi.

With just over two weeks to go until ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ takes the stage, a limited number of tickets are still available from or by calling 800 86823.