2019-11-24 12:00:38


Organising Committee for the 48th Official UAE National Day Celebration unveil further details of what to expect from the epic theatrical production on 2 December.

Limited tickets for ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Sport City Stadium available

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Sunday 24 November 2019:  With just over a week to go until the Official 48th UAE National Day Celebration comes alive with a theatrical spectacle titled ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ at Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi, on 2 December, the Organising Committee has given a sneak peak of what the audience can expect from the epic production.

As the cast and crew, including 900 performers, continue to put the finishing touches to the show, which will take the audience on a memorable journey through the UAE’s heritage through stories that embody centuries-old values deeply-rooted in the cultural fabric of the proud country, organisers have unveiled certain elements of the performance.

During an exclusive behind the scenes tour at Zayed Sports City, Saeed Al Suwaidi, representative of the Organising Committee of the Official 48th UAE National Day Celebration, briefed members of the UAE media and invited guests on various elements that have gone into crafting the show, the likes of which have never before been witnessed in the UAE.

“With the Official National Day Celebration fast approaching, today gave us a great opportunity to provide insights into what spectators can expect from ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ as they embark on a journey through the UAE’s heritage under the light of the moon. Anticipation for the show is building and with tickets selling fast, we look forward to welcoming everybody on 2 December as we come together to celebrate the values that are deeply-rooted in our nation’s history and continue to provide the cornerstone of the UAE today.”

During the tour, Al Suwaidi explained that the stage is the largest and most complex stage ever built for an Official UAE National Day Celebration, measuring 10,000 sqm, the equivalent to the size of eight Olympic pools, and which was constructed in record time of less than 23 weeks. The stage is equipped with 22 HD screens rising 12 metres high, weighing a total of 37 tonnes, which will produce the visuals assisted by 2,500 LED units and 1,000 light fixtures.

Technical experts explained to the delegation that more than 1,000 lighting units will be deployed to illuminate the stage with 60 kilometres of cabling connecting all the lights to the power grid. The delegation was also treated to a segment of the original soundtrack that has been developed for ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’, composed by eight internationally renowned composers and produced by over 80 musicians along with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The unique notes of the soundtrack, which has distinct Emirati musical influences at its heart, will be delivered through 250 speakers strategically placed around the stadium to heighten the auditory experience.

Al Suwaidi disclosed further details, adding: “In addition to the 700 moons which appear throughout the show, ranging in size from 18cm – 18 metres, 12 of which rise 21 metres above the stage floor; there are 1,800+ handheld props used in the show, the largest of which is three metres high and takes four people to carry. Additionally, there will be a life-size whale that appears in the show, measuring 19 metres in length and weighing more than nine tonnes. It is operated by 26 cast, underlining the devotion and unity that has gone in to producing this spectacle.”

The behind the scenes tour visited the costume tent where the entire wardrobe that will be used by the cast of ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ was on display. Susan Kulkarni, costume designer for the Show, revealed that more than 1,700 costumes produced from 16,500 square meters of fabric will be used in the Show.

“The design and production of all the costumes have been made keeping in mind traditional Emirati elements and reflect the rich history of this wonderful country. All the costumes have been locally produced in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah with more than 7,200 hours of work going into their creation,” added Al Suwaidi.

The tour was rounded off with a visit to the props tent section where certain items, including the many different moons of varying sizes were unveiled.

 “Ensuring an unmissable, smooth experience for the audience was a priority. In addition to an unprecedented theatrical performance on 2 December, the audience will have a hassle-free experience with park and ride facilities at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) to the Zayed Sports City Stadium. Following the show, buses will depart every 15 minutes from the stadium to the car parks,” added Al Suwaidi.

Tickets for ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ are selling fast, with great numbers of UAE citizens and residents keen to attend the greatest show. Tickets are now available in limited numbers and can be purchased by visiting, calling 80086823, or by visiting Virgin Megastores.